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Saving the world with media literacy?


Hello. I run a 'media practice' research centre where most of our work is with media / media arts teachers in FE and HE but we also edit the Media Education Research Journal, where we would love to publish more research into younger children's media education and we do research into children's media literacies.

I'm about to start a new special interest group on media literacy with the United Kingdom Literacy Association. The formal invite to UKLA members to participate will be forthcoming, with a launch event in the Autumn, where we'll be sharing the outcomes of a pilot study mapping media literacy to GCSE Media Studies, the potentially soon to vanish school subject that would appear to provide much of the 'critical reading' of media the European Union see as an educational priority.

On that subject, the title of this post relates to some recent work I've done with Sonia Livingstone for the COST network and Unesco.

The link above provides lots more detail on that work and the UNESCO declaration as well as the debate over 'coding without decoding'.

The challenge is to work with policy makers and people with funding whilst at the same time being faithful to the research evidence that points to a very complex picture of children, media and literacy.


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