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Dylan Yamada-Rice

Dylan Yamada-Rice is a lecturer in Early Childhood Education in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield. Dylan’s research interests are concerned with early childhood visual and digital literacies and wider multimodal communication practices. She is currently undertaking an IIKE-funded industry sabbatical at Dubit. Dubit Ltd is based in Leeds and undertakes research and development in relation to children's digital play. Dylan and Dubit are working together to produce a blueprint for the co-production of children in digital game design. Dylan's past research has focused on young children's interaction with and comprehension of the visual mode, children´s access to digital technologies that foregrounded the visual mode, the way in which family members support engagement with digital technologies and young children’s use of story apps. As a result new media, digital technologies, visual and multimodal research methods also connect to her work. Dylan convenes the Visual Research Group, which forms part of the Centre for the Study of Children and Youth (CSCY). This group considers the role of visual methodologies, means of analysis and the presentation of data in research with children and young people.

Toddlers, ipads and story apps- how intuitive are they?

Tablets and apps are often described as intuitive to use. Recently I was involved in a Collaboration Sheffield Initiative project between Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University that allowed me to consider the accuracy of this belief. The project examined the interaction of young children, between the ages of 0 and 3-years, with iPad story […]