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David Buckingham

David Buckingham is Professor of Media and Communications at Loughborough University, UK, and a Visiting Professor at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research. His work focuses on children and young people’s interactions with electronic media, and on media education. He has directed more than 25 research projects on these issues, and been a consultant for bodies such as UNESCO, the United Nations, Ofcom, and the UK government. His recent books include Beyond Technology: Children’s Learning in the Age of Digital Culture; The Material Child: Growing Up in Consumer Culture; and The Civic Web: Young People, the Internet and Civic Participation.

Media Studies and the reform of qualifications

There is a long history of teaching about media in the British education system. The earliest publications and teaching materials in the field date back more than 80 years, and since the 1960s a great many teachers have used film, television and digital media in their work. Teaching about media has long been a core […]

Objectionable content?

‘Basically, porn is everywhere’ was the title of a report published last year by the UK Children’s Commissioner. If not exactly everywhere, pornography is certainly much more accessible today, not least to children and young people. Estimates suggest that there are over one million pornographic websites, and that one in eight online searches is for […]