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Claudio Franco

Claudio is an Anthropologist, media practitioner and PhD researcher currently looking at the intersection of stories, books, games, digital media, and the flows of creativity and content adaptation across media. He works as Senior Research Manager at Dubit, a digital game studio, and is finishing a Professional Doctorate on digital innovation in storytelling, collaborating with the UNESCO Chair project 'Crossing Media Boundaries: Adaptation and New Media Forms of the Book' (University of Bedfordshire, with UNESCO Chair Professor Alexis Weedon).

Storytelling 2.0: a new era in storytelling for, and with, children

I have a special interest in the flows of stories across media, and in particular into digital media. Here I briefly describe a recent research study in cross-media for children, and point towards areas of change in the children’s media landscape that are worth of further investigation. Children nowadays can access stories in a multitude […]

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