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Cathy Burnett

Cathy Burnett is Professor of Literacy and Education at Sheffield Hallam University. Her research focuses on new technologies and literacies with a particular interest in relationships between literacies within and beyond educational contexts. Cathy has published widely for academic and professional readerships on themes including digital literacies, literacy and identity, and on/offline space. Her most recent book, New Literacies around the Globe (published by Routledge and co-edited with Julia Davies, Guy Merchant and Jennifer Rowsell), draws on cutting-edge research to argue for new conceptualisations of literacy in pedagogy and policy. Cathy is co-editor for the journal Literacy .

Literacy and new media – a(nother) call for change?

There is nothing new about calling for changes to the literacy curriculum and pedagogy in response to developments in digital media and the practices associated with them. The seminal multiliteracies framework developed by the New London Group is nearly 20 years old (New London Group, 1996) , and literacy researchers have been referring to ‘new’ […]

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Shifting the frame? Reflections on assessment

We know from experience that assessment frameworks influence practice in schools and that the scope of new tests in English are likely to shape priorities for literacy provision. Of course when working with the new National Curriculum in England, we can make strong arguments for using digitally mediated – including moving image – texts to […]