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Cary Bazalgette

I've worked in the field of media education and children and media since the late 60s when I was an aspiring film teacher in London secondary schools. I worked at the British Film Institute from 1979-2007, developing media education curricula and leading the BFI's interventions in publishing, teacher training, research, events and advocacy. I am now doing doctoral research on children's early encounters with loving-image media - between the ages of 18 months and 3.5 years.

Film Studies Year 3

My doctoral research is focused on children between 17 and 42 months of age, for which I undertook a longitudinal, ethnographically styled study of my twin grandchildren, “Dora” and “Sam”, gathering data in the home on their TV- and film-viewing practices. That stage is long over, and after a year’s interruption I am resuming work […]

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Two-year-olds: the big research gap?

It’s notoriously difficult to investigate what is going on in very young children’s engagements with moving-image media. Rag Doll Productions, the creators of Teletubbies and In the Night Garden, have accumulated an enormous video archive of toddlers and preschoolers watching their programmes. But only a minority are filmed in children’s own homes, and they cannot […]